Solar LED with Lights
Even now almost 1.5 billion people do not have electricity and rely on kerosene for home lighting. Such widespread burning of kerosene also contributes to environmental pollution which can be reduced if people at the remote corners are encouraged to use solar power for home lighting which is really abundant and free source of clean energy. In fact if this energy can be harnessed it may fulfill the entire energy requirement of the world.

It is a lantern that provides light at night by utilizing the solar energy during the day. The solar module converts the solar energy into electrical energy and stores that in a sealed and maintenance free battery. These are ideal for home lighting in the remote places where electricity is scarcely available and also help reduction of green house gases. The solar lanterns have the following features.

    Battery power that ranges from 4 Ah to 7 Ah.
    It has long life , does not require any maintenance and fitted with easily changeable spares.
    It has in-built protection facility against overcharge protection and thus ensures safety and long life.
    Can have both amorphous and mono-crystalline solar panels for electricity generation.

Solar LED lights

Solar LED lights are mostly used for outdoor lighting in conjunction with solar panels that convert sun rays into electricity. The solar energy is conserved in rechargeable batteries and some of the outdoor solar LED lights have automatic ON & OFF features. However the CFL lamps of the solar lantern can also be replaced with LED and used for indoor lighting.
These have the following key features

    These are convenient and cost effective, as single solar panel can charge several lights.
    The LED lamps have more than 50000 hour’s life span.
    It provides clean and cool white light.
    Maintenance free and involves no power cost.

Solar with LED Lights

Solar lanterns can also have LED lights in place of CFL and used for home lighting. These are portable and available in various designs though the basic principle of converting the solar power into electrical energy and storing the same in rechargeable batteries remains the same. These are more energy efficient and provide clean white light with no flickering.

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