Shree Ganesh name Board with wood and clay art work

Write your surname or name your house in traditional allure with the blessings of Lord Ganesh with this Lord Ganesh name Board with wood and clay art work. This wall decor is accented with clay work and hand painted with beautiful array of colors for a touch of beauty. This is a great option for gifting on the occasion of house warming.

Color: Multicolor
Material: Wood::Clay
Main Product in Package: 1 Name Plate
Package Content : 1 Name Plate::2 Dairy Milk Chocolates (8 Gms)::1 Silver Plated Laxmi Ganesha Coin::1 Diwali Message Card
Product Dimension: 15.5x1.5x40.5 CM
Package Dimension (CM): 48*21*6
Parcel Weight Kg): 0.5

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