Green Color Women Lac Bangles
Lac ki Chudi ( Bangles ) In India Bangles hold special position for women, it adds beauty to women, therefore for various occasions there are various types of Bangles
Lakh bangles are considered to give prosperity and these bangles are made of organic material.
Stone called yellow biroza and black biroza are used to make lakh bangles. Both of these are heated in iron container and melted, then filtered powder of GI stone is used and mixed in the liquid till it thickens.
Lakh chudi holds history from ancient India as it was originated from tribal community, which was family business and a tradition, the process of making requires laborious work and a huge time till it reaches finishing touch
Indzola presents you these beautiful handmade lakh bangles manufactured in Jaipur the pink city in Rajasthan India.
Apart from fashion these bangles are best suited for women during  festive, cultural and marriage occasions, These bangles add beauty and also bring prosperity enriching traditional values with vibrant colors handcrafted with semi-precious stones
Occasion to Wear: Festive / Fashion / Marriage / Cultural Fest
Packaging / Wrapped and packed in hard plastic container  
Special Instruction: Keep away from heat / Handle softly and gently
Size Chart : 2.5

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