Promotional Scheme T&C

Members who would like to participate under this scheme will get Rs 100 in indzola e-Wallet & Rs 1100 e-COUPONS of indzola after successful getting 10 persons (or 5 groups) registered on 
Once 10 persons are registered on website ( click here to see the registration page )Rs 100 will be added in e-Wallet and user will receive email containing Rs 1100 e-COUPON on their indzola registered email id.
 Process to get assured gift
  1. Member need to share this promotion to their family & friends and get 10 family and friends (or minumum 5groups) registered on indzola website.
  2. All family and friends must register using application or download mobile app and login into app.(any one condition must fulfill).
  3. After registering all the friends and family members you must send their email id's on we will verify the referal members and if found those in database then, we will send the random gift(selected by management team) to your address (mention in your account).
  4. To receive the gift, there must be a purchase made by any one of your referral.
  5. the user register from your referal should be verified user(he/she needs to verify his/her mobile number and email)
  6. You will receive your gift after 15 days of the product (purchased by your referral) delivery to any one of your referral.
  7. In case if any product will out of stock, you will receive any other product which is not in list or a product from same category(selected by management team)

Terms & Condition
  • User need to ensure that the shared promotion is restricted to their close family and friends and not distributed  to unknown person or groups
  • Indzola reserves the right to call referred person and check the authentication of the referee , any forwarding to unknown person or number, the referred person might get bard the person from promotions
  • If referred person is disappointed by referring from referred person then it’s referred person responsibility to own his / her action and make sure they have their approval and conses