Privacy policy is an e-commerce website that offers a convenient shopping experience for a wide range of products. Our privacy policy towards our users is a part of our moral responsibilities and we consider it as our duty to keep our customers informed about it.

A user or customer is any individual person or company who is browsing our website, updating their personal details on the website, creating login ID or buying any products through the website.

By using for any of the aforesaid mentioned purposes, the user agrees to accept all the terms and conditions of the website. Users are advised to take up the responsibility to study and update themselves with any upcoming or future changes in the terms and conditions or in the privacy policy. Users can do so by reading the policies before using the website. In case a user disagrees with any of the policies or terms and conditions, then he or she must quit using the website.

Personal information

Personal details such as name or contact information that is fed in by the user is not shared or stored by for supporting or for promoting the business or for marketing purposes.

We constantly thrive to improve user experience by getting feedbacks from our customers. It helps us to function in a better way. During this process, we might have to collect user browsing history. This information may include the web browser details, IP address, total duration logged on server, pages surfed etc. The sole purpose of this is to have historical data for rolling out new marketing plans that can serve the user better.

The collected details are not shared, traded or sold to any external party.

Payment/ banking

We do not store any user’s individual banking details nor do we ask the users to provide any inputs about their credit card information. All our payments are processed by a 3PP secured payment gateway which is in an encrypted format. Most of the banking/credit/debit cards are equipped with online security passcodes that are processed and approved by the user through a registered mobile number. We would advise the users to be careful of spam emails or other communication seeking for crucial banking data.

Safety & Security provides safety and security to personal databases through various means of secured and encrypted storage and removal of malwares. The personal data base includes the information stored by customers during registration. However, a user might move to various linkages of 3PP products and suppliers and external links while browsing. Indzola does not take any responsibility of these external linkages as we do not have any control over them. The user must be aware and act wise for the security of their personal data.

Fair Business Practice is committed to follow fair business practices through ethical ways of working and within the legal boundaries of the land. We do not make deliveries of used or second hand orders and trade and sell only brand new products.

Our governance with our vendors is strongly controlled to ensure the delivery of quality products. In case a product is found defective, the customer can claim a replacement or refund within 7 days. If the complaint is found to be genuine, the refund or replacement would be done without asking any questions.

Law and Compliance is abide to follow all rules and law of land and therefore for specific cases where we have requirement from law then we might need to provide your personal details in assisting the law and compliances as required


All logos and punch line quotes of INDZOLA are a registered trade mark and property of the company RMG Mart India Private Ltd. Strict legal action would be taken if it is found that the logos or punchlines are being used without the written permission and approval of RMG Mart India Private Ltd.

The images or content used in the logo or the details of the business have not been copied from any existing registered trademarks. However, if any discrepancies are noticed by any person, they can report the same to us through email. The copy of the concerned content must be attached to the mail as proof. Also, the original published document with the details and photograph of the trademark or writer and publisher must be sent to the complaint manager at

User Compliance

Users of need to be above the age of 18 years and must provide correct and authentic information during the user registration process. If a user is found to have not followed the right code of conduct, Indzola holds the right to remove his or her name from the database or bar them from making any purchases on the website.

User Acceptance

The user agrees to abide by all rules and regulations by accessing our website and by reading the privacy policy, terms and conditions, delivery information and other statements.

Indzola might make changes in policies as and when required. It is the responsibility of the users to continuously be update themselves by reading the policies before they use the website The company does not take the responsibility to reach any individual user for sharing any new changes.

Complaint Manager

In order to report an issue related to law and rules, any disputes with, discrepancies with terms and conditions or for any other specific problem, the complaint manager of the company can be reached on the given email address.

Complaint Manager: Saurav Singh

The above can be contacted on any day between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM except on Saturdays, Sundays and on government holidays.