Summer! summer! summer!

Sundress, flip-flops, shorts, mangoes; hundred things to love during summer.
Scorching heat, sweat, sunburn, tanning, the other side of summers are not so fun.
Want to wear a perfect sunny dress without tanning?
Don't you want to wear those scarfs, gloves, summer coats without a second thought? Can’t go outside the high sun & have fun, no outdoors during summers; so many challenges, but there is always BUT. 
You can wear trendy shorts, cute crop tops, pretty sundresses & everyone’s all-time favorite flip-flops, make trendy messy hairstyle, and paint your nails with cute summer designs like different color polka dots & many other cute ones. Have Ganne (Sugar Cane Juice) ka & mango ka Ras (Juice).
As everything has a both ends, so does summers have, every situation can be prevented with simple steps & simple precautions. Summer comes with many challenges but each of us has some simple remedy easy to do. Problems like hypothermia (when the body absorbs more heat than required) can lead to severe problems can be prevented by precautions as simple as wearing loose cotton clothes. Drinking more water is necessity during summers. The problem of exhaustion faced by many can be solved by having a cool shower, taking chilled beverages & taking small precautions as required by your skin. The issue of redness of skin can be avoided by using an appropriate sunscreen having SPF 30+ or the major issue of tanning (the darkening of the skin due to long time exposure to the sun), can be avoided by rehydration. Prickly heat caused by sweating can have a precaution as simple as using talcum powder.
So focus on the goods, the bad can be overruled with some healthy habits, exercise, and wear loose & breathing clothes, refreshing tasty beverages. There’s nothing summer can cause and that can't be resolved by kitchen home remedies.
                                     So Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Happy & Enjoy Your Summer.

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